Ballantine : January 21

This week’s featured dog is a true lover…a Casanova of sorts…who is a year old, neutered, vaccinated, and ready to go home with . He will be great in any situation and a great exercise or hiking partner for you…while being an amazing and gentle playmate with the kids.

The name is Ballantine (like Valentine with a B). I’m one adorable, stocky guy who is going to win you over in a matter of minutes. I mean, I’m this short legged guy who has the most fun personality. I’m all about living my life to the fullest and treating each day as a new adventure. I’m the type of boy who will love going on long walks, hikes, and quite possibly runs! Yup, I’m just an active boy who likes to find new ways to exert that energy. With that all being said, I’m also cool kicking my paws up with you. I love to snuggle and be petted. It feels so nice when I’m being shown affection and being told what a good boy I am! I really am a special and unique guy who can’t wait to start my life with you!

Ballantine’s Adopt a Pet Page is

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