Mossy Oak : February 4

This week’s featured Pet Tale is Mossy Oak, a 10 year old one eyed wonder cat who wears his heart on his sleeve and is looking for a Valentine at Woods.

The name is Mossy Oak. You might think I’m camouflage with a name like that, but you’d be wrong. I have a mainly white coat for crying out loud, so I’m not hard to spot. Anyways, I’m one unique guy with my one eye, sassy personality, and funny demeanor. You see I enjoy affection, but on my own terms of course. I definitely enjoy my independence and like having time to enjoy my food, snuggle in my bed, and keep a watchful eye in my perch on the window sill. So much in the world to see, but I like to see if from the inside of a home. I can find enough adventure in my house by prowling around every nook and cranny, following you around to see what you are up to, and checking out what is going on outside. I’m kind of a funny guy who seems quite infatuated with my reflection in dark glass. I once said, “Look at that handsome devil!” Then I realized it was myself. I told you I’m a funny guy who can’t wait to go home with you today!

Mossy Oak’s Adopt a Pet Profile is

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