Buxton : February 18

This week’s featured Pet Tale is Buxton, a 6 year old Chug with an “off button” and an underbite who is looking for a loving new home and a lap to call his own.

Greetings humans! The name is Buxton. I’m one silly, stocky, and fun boy who is looking for a family just like yours! I’m a fun guy who enjoys living every day to the fullest and being with my humans. What can I say? You humans are something special. I’ll be happy to be your wing-man, your yin to your yang, your pea to your pod – you get the picture. I’m definitely going to keep you smiling every single day, especially since I have a cute little under-bite that makes you just want to smile when you see it. I’ll have fun snuggling next to you, engaging in play with you, and seeing what this life has to offer me with you by my side. I really am a sweet boy who can’t wait to go home with you today.


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