Hemingway : March 18

This week’s featured pet is a 3 year old Hemingway who goes by the name of Renew. Hemingway cats have extra toes on their paws and were made famous by the author whose name they share. They are considered good luck by sailors due to their extra appendage. Plus having a thumb makes them great competition at Mario Kart.

Renew here! I’m one handsome fella who has a very sophisticated look. I don’t know if it’s because of how my face is shaped or what, but I kind of look chiseled in a way. It might be that I have a very prominent chin that makes me look all sophisticated and macho. Okay, enough about my looks. Not only do I have a sophisticated look, but I also have a sophisticated personality as well. I’ll enjoy perching up in high spots and looking down on my subjects. I mean, I have to make sure you are doing everything to my liking. When I’m not busy being my prominent self, I’ll let loose and show you my goofy side. I’ll enjoy being petted, swatting around a toy or two, and maybe even plopping in your lap. I really am a cool cat who can’t wait to start my life with you today!

Check him out online at https://www.adoptapet.com/pet/21201256-san-luis-obispo-california-cat

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