Waldorf : April 22

Hello there humans! My name is Waldorf. A silly name for a silly girl just like myself. You’ll probably notice that I’m a bit naked on my underside, meaning I don’t have much hair underneath, but I got to say, it’s quite soft when you pet me! I’m the type of girl who loves to snuggle up in a warm bed with blankets. I’m all about the snuggling. When I’m not in my bed, I love snuggling in someone’s lap. I’ll politely hop in your lap and curl into a little ball and make myself comfortable. When I’m not snuggling you, I love belly rubs! I’ll roll over and accept all the belly rubs in the world from you. I am a Chihuahua and we are known to shake at times, so when it’s cold I ask that you give me a warm sweater! I really am a total doll who might seem shy at first, but all I really want it to be with a person, give kisses, and be loved. Could I be the lady for you?

Waldorf is spayed, vaccinated, chipped, and a very generous donor has sponsored her adoption fee. She is also great with other dogs…and she is hoping to get drafted to represent you at the upcoming Chihuahuas de Mayo on May 5th at Woods.

Waldorf’s Adopt a Pet Page is https://www.adoptapet.com/pet/21454805-san-luis-obispo-california-chihuahua-mix

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