Eddy boy AKA Ed : May 6

Eddy boy here! I’m a sweet, older gentleman here at Woods North, and if you’ve got a lap, then I like you already! I have no problem with getting down to business and making myself comfortable within minutes. Sometimes I come off as being a little indecisive about whether I want attention or not, but I guess I’ve just developed a bit of an independent side as the years have gone on. What can I say? I like my alone time, too. More often than not, though, I’m usually always up for a nice back or head scratch. I can get pretty talkative while I’m getting attention, too. I have a lot to say, and I have no problem with making myself known. Please come visit me so you can fall in love and bring me home where I can have a lap to sit on and someone to talk to whenever I please!

Ed is 11 years old, neutered, vaccinated, chipped, and fee waived. He’s a total lover looking for a warm sunny spot to nap in and call his own.

Ed’s Adopt a Pet Profile is https://www.adoptapet.com/pet/21323666-atascadero-california-cat

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