Maggie : October 28

Hello there. My name is Maggie. I’m a beautiful and large gal who is ready to say goodbye to the shelter life and join a family of my very own. I can be reserved when I meet new people, but if you approach me calmly and talk to me sweetly you will notice I’m a total butterball. I enjoy being shown attention by my people and I will enjoy getting petted by you once we are acquainted. I’m a pretty mellow girl at this point in my life, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be bursting with some energy every so often when I get into a home of my own. Right now you will most likely find me lounging around and just taking it easy. That’s just the type of lady I am. I’ll enjoy going for walks, sniffing my surroundings, and then calling it a day while lying beside you. I really am a sweet dog who can’t wait to head home with you today.

Maggie is 8 years old, spayed, vaccinated, chipped, fee waived, and comes with a month of free pet insurance.

Maggie’s Adopt a Pet Page is

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