Ambrose : December 9

Majestic, regal, and oh-so handsome – that’s me, Ambrose! I’m one good looking cat that would be an ornament in any home. I have long, flowy locks and a face you can’t resist. Not only that, but I’m super friendly. I greet everyone as a new friend and I just want to be loved, adored, and played with. I’m a social butterfly and I’ll greet you with a meow in hopes you will start petting me. Pet me once, pet me twice, and keep it coming! When I’m over it, I’ll just walk away and explore my surroundings. I really am one heck of a great cat and I sure hope I can go home with you today!

I’m 3 years old, neutered, vaccinated, chipped, come with a month of free pet insurance and I need a loving new home to call my own for the pawlidays.

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