Zuzu : December 30

Round, stocky, baby hippo at your service! The name is Zuzu. Once you meet and see me, you’ll notice why I’ve earned the honorable name as a baby hippo. I’m this compact, yet thick girl who just makes you smile. I’m a thick girl who loves nothing more than being in the company of you humans. I’m definitely a high energy girl that is going to always keep you going on laughing. I love going on walks and get so excited when I see a leash that I jump for joy! I’m an excitable lady and will keep you amused. I’ll sneak in kisses, and I’ll enjoy being petted when the mood is right. I’m definitely an energetic girl who wants to be able to explore and play, but when my energy is spent I’m going to be so happy to snuggle up beside you. I really am a funny and playful girl that really wants to go home with you today!

ZuZu is 2.5 years old, spayed, vaccinated, chipped, has a reduced adoption fee and comes with a month of free pet insurance!

Check out ZuZu’s Adopt a Pet Profile at https://www.adoptapet.com/pet/24110078-san-luis-ob…

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