Sebastian : January 13

Are you looking for a wingman? I, Sebastian, am really good with the ladies and basically everyone I meet. I’m a total butterball with my cute ears that are all floppy. I’m sure to make you say “Ooooh-Aaahh!” I’m definitely a stud who loves being active, playing outside, running, and just enjoying every single day! I’m a total people dog and I thrive on human companionship. With people, I love everyone I meet! I’m a total gentleman and will greet you kindly and if you’re lucky sneak in some kisses. I’m a great boy with the utmost potential to be the best dog for you! As long as I can be my active and happy self with you by my side, I will be a great fit for your home!

Sebastian is 2 years old, neutered, vaccinated, chipped and his adoption includes a month of free pet insurance.

Sebastian’s Adopt a Pet Profile is

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