Greetings humans! My name is Fido. I’m one handsome, large and in charge boy who is looking to join a family that will give me the home I desire. You see, I prefer being outdoors most of the time and exploring my surroundings. When I’m not exploring outside you will catch me sun bathing in the warm sun! Ahh, there’s nothing better than that. Due to the fact I enjoy being outdoors, I’m looking for a home where I can do that but then come inside as I please. I like the best of both worlds. I’ll go do my thing outside and then come inside for love and to sit on your lap. Once I’m over getting affection I’ll just head on out to do my own thing. It’s important to note that I’m not a fan of other animals. I like to be head honcho and I like all attention on me. Since I’m meant for a family that has no other pets, I’m hoping I’ll have a nice fenced yard to hang out in during the day and a cat door to come in for love and to sleep at night. I know my perfect home is out there and I can’t wait to be in it with you! I really am a sweet boy.

I’m a senior cat at 14 years with a sponsored adoption fee. I’m neutered, vaccinated, chipped, and I also come with a month of free pet insurance. PLUS I have my very own custom made cathouse with my name it and everything…pretty cool huh?

Put a little love in your heart by adopting a Valentine named Fido from Woods this weekend. He truly is a one of a kind feline. (He’s also my personal favorite at the moment)

Fido’s Adopt a Pet Profile is

ALL adult dogs and cats will have ½ off adoption fees for Valentine’s Day February 14th-17th

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