Sammie here! I’m one plump, little dude that is hoping to win a first class ticket out of here and into your home. You see, I’m very people-oriented and I get quite heartsick when being ignored so you might hear some crying from me because I just really want you! Unfortunately, my owner passed away and none of the family could take me in. Therefore, I stayed in my late owner’s home alone for 6 months with some drop in visits for feeding and a little love. Clearly, that wasn’t my ideal choice of living and now I just want to be with people as much as I possibly can! I’m one snuggly boy who loves to be close to you and in your lap. I could snooze the whole afternoon away just right up next to and be the most content boy around. Honestly, it won’t require much for me to be happy except you! I want to be your best friend and I’ll surely become your little shadow. I have a heart of pure gold and I sure hope you will take me home so we can start our lives together and be happy as can be!

Sammie is 7 years old, neutered, vaccinated, chipped, comes with a month of free pet insurance, and has a sponsored adoption fee. You can check out his profile online at

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