Pet of the Week Archives

Kittunz : May 20

This week’s featured Pet Tale(s) are KITTUNZ!!! We are trying to figure out which is best…Coke or Pepsi. These two kits are both 3 months old neutered males who

Buddy : May 13

This week’s featured Pet Tail is Buddy, a 7 year old Basset Hound looking for a porch to take a nap on. Buddy here! Let me tell you, I’m

Eddy boy AKA Ed : May 6

Eddy boy here! I’m a sweet, older gentleman here at Woods North, and if you’ve got a lap, then I like you already! I have no problem with getting

PJ (and all Chihuahuas) : April 29

This week we are featuring ALL the Chihuahuas at Woods Humane Society in celebration of our 5th Annual Chihuahuas de Mayo. All Chihuahuas have half off their adoption fees

Waldorf : April 22

Hello there humans! My name is Waldorf. A silly name for a silly girl just like myself. You’ll probably notice that I’m a bit naked on my underside, meaning

Mickey : April 8

Greetings humans! My name is Mickey. Yes, you might look at me and think that I’m an incredibly handsome boy, and that is true, but there’s so much more

Louis : March 25

So are you in the market for one of the most laid-back dogs ever? If so, you can stop your search now and take me home. My name is

Hemingway : March 18

This week’s featured pet is a 3 year old Hemingway who goes by the name of Renew. Hemingway cats have extra toes on their paws and were made famous

Slick : March 11

This week’s featured Pet Tale is Slick, a 3 year old Siamese who wants to be your lucky charm in March’s O’doption Special at Woods. Hey there! The name’s