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2017 Breaking and Entering

Coast 104.5 presents the 2017 Breaking & Entering Christmas
presented by United Staffing Associates and Takken's Shoes

This is where we find a family that otherwise would not be able to even celebrate the holidays, and with your help, give them a Christmas they'll never forget. With the help of the one that nominated them, we get access to their house when they're not home, and we leave behind a ton of holiday cheer complete with the tree, trimmings, and gifts! If you know of a family who is in a situation where any Christmas, not to mention a great Christmas, is outside their expectations because of hard times, please let us know.

Let us know about this family. Why you're nominating them, their situation, how you know them, our Breaking and Entering team will find the family we can best help, and with your help , give the family a holiday season that they will cherish and never forget. The family stays anonymous and gets the Christmas they deserve.

To nominate a family and share their story, please email us at "" and include all of the following info:

Name, phone, email,
city of person nominating them
Their story/why you're nominating them.

Name, phone, city.

List all family members with name, gender, and age.

Any special likes or dislikes that you know of. What do you think they want and need under their tree this Christmas?

The more info you provide, the better our team can understand each nominated family's needs. In this case, there is never too much info.

Don't wait, help us find that Central Coast family that needs some special love this holiday season! Send your nomination now! Thank you for helping us make this special connection possible!